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Are you Happy?

If you are – great!

If you aren’t – or if you feel like you just want to be happier – then here’s an idea for you:

Try love.

Learn about what love really is (or can be), how you can use it, and how it can help you and the ones you love live a happier life.

Everybody is able to love – even those who think they are not. Love is easy to learn but difficult to master. It is one thing we all have in common, yet most people find it difficult to give and/or receive love. But that’s okay, because, although love is everywhere, it really is not an easy thing to do. So don’t be discouraged.

We are not saying love is the answer, or love is the only way that leads to more happiness. We are simply saying: give love a chance and see if it can make you happier. Because in the end – as cliché as it may sound – happiness is the only thing that matters.

So who are we and why are we doing this? Basically, We Are One is trying to help people be happier by bringing love into their lives. We want to share our ideas and thoughts about what love is, what different types of love there are, what might inspire people to be more loving towards others and themselves, and build a community that wants to help spread love, support and learn from each other, and try to make the world a better place.

We will try to provide you with information and inspiration on everything related to love. The first thing we want to think about is:
What is love?

"This is a playground where you can figure out what works for you and what doesn't. What interests you and what leaves you cold. One way isn't better than the other. What might work for others might not work for you and vice versa. Try, experiment, fail, try again, explore, delve into what interests you, ask for or even offer help, but don't pressure yourself."

Note: We have just started this website and it will take some time until it is fully functional!

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