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This is a place where you can both read about other people's stories and experiences about the love in their lives, and share your own.

Reading about what other people have experienced may inspire or even help you with your own experience, while sharing your own story may make you feel relieved for getting it off your chest for one, as well as give you the chance of getting other people's feedback on it.

There are many different types of stories you can share – even material such as poems and essays. If you prefer to remain anonymous, just let us know. While everyone is welcome to share, there are some basic submission requirements:

  • Your writing doesn't have to be in perfect English, but good enough to be understood
  • Your story should contain at least 300 words
  • No insults or stirring up hatred

Unfortunately, we will not be able to publish everything that has been submitted.

HOWEVER: Remember that there is a forum, where you can post, share, interact, help and get help from other people. You can find it here

Submit your stories to: [email protected]

Other than your writing, it would be nice if you could provide your name, age, the country you are from, and a picture of yourself. If you prefer not to share some, or even all of your personal information, just let us know and you will remain completely anonymous. 

We can't wait to hear about your experiences in one of our sections:

What's Your Story?

Would you like to share something with us? We would love to hear your story!

It doesn't matter if it's about a personal experience, a diary entry, something that happened to a friend of a friend, a short story, or anything else love related.

Lesson Learned

What is a lesson you learned that might be interesting or beneficial to others?

Stories From Around the World

What role does love play in your country?