Why do we need inspiration and is inspiration necessary if one wants to (learn about) love?

In short: that’s up to you.

Inspiration can be important for a lot of people – even essential for some – while others don’t need it at all in whatever it is they are trying to do.

However, inspiration can be an important asset when it comes to love.

We will now look at what kind of inspiration there is (although there might be more than will be discussed here).

A quick note: there is a difference between inspiration and motivation. What the difference is and why you need both, will be examined further down the page.

Here are some examples of what can be inspiring for people and where you can look for inspiration:

  • Art

  • People

  • culture



Cinema, Music, Theater, Dance, Literature, Painting, Fashion, Architecture, Sculpture

While some forms of inspiration are certainly predominant, you can really get inspired by almost anything!

We will provide you with different forms of inspiration (and will add to them over time), but please feel free to share what inspires you! Write it in the comments below or head over to our forum and start/join a conversation!

Why do we need Inspiration if we want to be loving?

First off, there is a difference between inspiration and motivation:

Motivation is external and oftentimes temporary (“I need to lose weight because my doctor told me to”), while inspiration is internal (“I want to change my entire lifestyle so I can live healthier”). 

The doctor told you to lose weight, even though you might not really want to, therefore you need to motivate yourself to do it. So there is a form of resistance, because you often have to force yourself to work out and/or eat healthier.

With inspiration, however, you feel from within that you want to live healthier. 

Usually motivation means having a motive, in other words a goal. You are doing something because you want something in return. For example, you work harder so you can get that promotion/raise. 

When it comes to love, both inspiration and motivation are needed. It’s great if you have seen a movie, listened to a song, or read a book and it inspired you to be more loving towards someone close to you. However, if you lack motivation, i.e., you are too lazy to put in the effort required (remember effort?), you will not be very loving. 

Also, concerning love, you could say: motivation is great, inspiration is better.

If your motivation is to clean up the kitchen so you partner won’t complain, great! You are doing something you don’t really want to do for someone else. That’s a loving act!

However, if you are inspired to make your partner happy, you’ll gladly clean up the kitchen!

And while we’re only talking about cleaning up the kitchen, the point here is this: inspiration is something that comes from within and lasts longer. You feel deep inside that you want to make your partner happy in general, and not just for this one particular task. 

In other words: inspiration is something that makes you want to change (for the better). 

And while most of us are incapable of being loving all the time – which is probably impossible anyway and also not the goal at all, by the way – inspiration can not only make us be more loving, but actually make us WANT to be more loving!

And that’s kind of the goal here.

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