Love of Family

Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

          Lilo & Stitch

Family Means Something Different for Everyone

Some people have a big family, others a smaller, “normal-size” one, and some have no family at all. And whatever size family you have, you either have a good, “okay,” or bad relationship with them – or some of them.

And while, unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a supporting and loving family, here are some examples of how beneficial and rewarding a good relationship with your family members can be – and why it may be worth trying to fix your relationship with your family if it is, in fact, broken.

Someday I realized: my mom never stopped caring about me. She never stopped trying to help when there was a problem. She never stopped providing me with food, shelter and financial aid when I desperately needed it. She cooked dinner every day when I was a child. She picked me up, dropped me off, forgave me when I stole money from her purse, she listened to me complain about the same thing over and over, she loves and respects everyone I love, and in all my life, I have never heard her complain.

She certainly isn't perfect, but if she is not the definition of a loving mother, I don't know who is!”

Someone who loves his mother

The person in the example above doesn't have to be your mother. It can be anyone in your family: your father, brother or sister, aunt or uncle, grandparents, cousins, or other distant relations. If you have someone like that in your family – or maybe even several – you can consider yourself lucky. While it might seem like the most normal thing to have for some people, for many it is not. Not everyone has someone like that in their life. In fact, also depending on where you live in the world, quite a few people have no one. They might have family members, yes, but having family members is not the same as family members who love you.

Family is often the longest relationships you have in your life

Your family members are usually the longest-lasting relationships in your life – at least some of them. Your parents, of course, but especially if you have siblings. The relationship with your siblings is often the longest you have in your life. And if you do get along, love each other, look out for each other, you and your siblings can benefit from a loving relationship for almost your entire life!

There is a great article on, which examines what family love actually is, what it looks like and what to do to make it happen. It is definitely something to check out if you want to learn more about family love.

You can find it here

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